Mikaila Maidment is an artist and illustrator who lives in Fairfield, Iowa with her husband and 3 year old daughter. Her love for stories, especially stories that tell of the extraordinary moments captured in the everyday experience, is the main inspiration in her work.

Mikaila graduated in 2005 with an MFA in painting, and then left for Ireland, where she painted murals, nannied, and rode her bike through the countryside. She moved back to the US and, in 2008, began her illustration career. She has illustrated several children’s books, is a regular cartoonist for iPhoneLife Magazine, and continues creating her own art.

Mikaila’s artistic and professional experience includes:

  • illustrations for published children’s books¬†
  • logos, packaging, and product designs
  • murals for commercial and private clients
  • professor of art at Maharishi University of Management
  • cartoons for online and print magazines
  • illustrations for marketing and advertising


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